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If you have any feedback or constructive criticism for how I'm playing Donna, or have any questions at all about when I'm taking her from, etc, go ahead and leave a message here or email me!



Auction at help_japan

[Cross-posted to my personal LJ.]

I decided to put in a fanfic writing offer over at help_japan. My link is here. It is for Doctor Who only, but I want to write for anything in the Classic and New series, as well as Big Finish's Doctor Who audio range. I'm going to write two separate fics for two different winners, minimum of 1000 words, but looking at most of my stuff lately, it'll be longer than that. More specifics can be seen in the link~

What I didn't specify there, however, is if--and I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself here--and only if I get more than two bids, I will write for those bidders as well, especially if it's for friends. It may take me a bit longer, but thankfully, I'll have a little more time soon before I resume mod duties again. If this does happen, I'll still go through the same notification process as I would the winners of the bids so we could discuss what you'd like, etc.

So yes! Go ahead and bid!

If you have any questions at all, you can ask me here or at my personal LJ's entry about this!

Oncoming Storms - 171.2 - Mun

How many of your prompts have been based solely on canon events and how many solely on stuff you've made up? Why is there a skew (or isn't there if there isn't)?

My response!Collapse )

Muse: Donna Noble
Word count: 300

Oncoming Storms - Prompt 165.5 - RP

Character(s): Donna Noble, and OPEN
Setting: Halloween, present day, in an idyllic suburb--or is it?
Warnings: Otherworldly shenanigans and candy?
Other notes: To be added if needed! As a personal note, I might be a bit slow tagging, but this is open to anyone!

Trick or treat!Collapse )
Once her relatives had departed, the food gone and the house cleaned up, did her mother finally cry; but as always, she didn't see a thing.

Muse: Donna Noble
Character Count: 139
A/N: No warnings despite the prompt! This was also supposed to be a silly prompt, but starts off a bit more serious than intended.

She let out a soft groan as she came to...Collapse )

Muse: Donna Noble
Word count: 3759
Prompt 135.3 - Writing: Go to the Doctor Who Serial Title Generator, generate a random title and then write a scene from that episode/serial.

Scene from The Night of the InvasionCollapse )

Muse: Donna Noble
Word count: 954

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